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Sixonia Tech‘s E-Graphenes are few-layer, large flake graphene materials that are functionalized and formulated to meet your processing requirements and tailored for perfect interaction with your desired matrix system.

Graphene is a promising material for different applications, particularly as an additive in polymers or ink formulations. However, its limited processability makes it difficult to handle, which adversely affected potential improvements and slowed down the commercialization and market uptake of graphene-enhanced and -enabled products.
Every “graphene” on the market has different properties – due to different production techniques and variations in process conditions. Therefore, it is only natural that different graphenes will have varying advantages and disadvantages for your specific processes and products.

You will not find any off-the-shelf products here. But we will help you to identify the most suitable graphene for your application and process it into a form that we hope will avoid any problems during its integration into your process and application.
No matter whether you are looking for a simple dispersion without surfactants, a formulated ink, a paste or polymer composite or something completely different, we are confident and will do everything possible to meet your expectations.

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