E-Graphene Dispersion in Water

E-Graphene Dispersion in Water

  • You are looking for an easy to use, safe and environmental-friendly graphene dispersion? 
  • You want an aqueous dispersion but you are not willing to compromise on graphene quality or elaborate post-processing conditions to get rid of surfactants or binders?

Our aqueous dispersion contains a functionalized electrochemically exfoliated graphene in water at a concentration of 2 mg/ml without surfactants or other additives. Our E-Graphene CSO is a few-layer graphene with a large lateral size, low defects and high conductivity, stabilized in dispersion only via negative surface charges.

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Our safety data sheet (MSDS) for graphenes in a water-based dispersion: Download (.pdf)

Our technical data sheet (TDS) for graphenes in a water-based dispersion: Download (.pdf)


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