Sixonia Tech’s core technology is based on the electrochemical exfoliation of graphite into micron-sized, few-layer graphenes.
The basic principle of electrochemical exfoliation is to introduce a slight electro-oxidation at the graphitic edges and subsequent delamination of graphitic raw materials in a suitable electrolyte. By varying the electrolyte composition and other process parameters, the degree of oxidation and the presence of different functional groups can be selectively controlled and the material can thus be tailored for different applications.

Our proprietary technology, originating in the works in the groups of Prof. Klaus Müllen and Prof. Xinliang Feng at the Max-Planck-Institute of Polymer Research Mainz and at Dresden University of Technology, allows us to produce graphene materials with unprecedented properties. To make sure that these properties are taken advantage of in the most efficient way, we are constantly expanding our efforts towards the integrating our materials into different formulations such as aqueous and solvent-based dispersions and inks, as well as more viscous systems.

If you are curious about the possibilities, please do not hesitate to inquire your customized formulation here.