Inks, Pastes, Films and more

Sixonia Tech E-Graphene 
Inks, Pastes, Films and more

  • You are looking for a graphene or graphene composite ink?
  • You couldn’t find an ink that suits your established printing process or have tried existing graphene inks and were disappointed by the performance and stability?
  • You are looking for a simple aqueous or solvent-based paste with high graphene loading?
  • You need a conductive resin with improved mechanical properties?
  • You are looking for a graphene with a specific functionalization, formulated into a ready-to-use pre-polymer?

Whatever you have in mind, we are able to provide you with customized solutions, ranging from high viscosity formulations of our materials, including simple pastes, as well as dispersions in epoxies and other monomers, to free-standing films and ready to use inks.

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