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High performance few-layer graphenes without additives through innovative electrochemical exfoliation.

Our Products

Sixonia Tech‘s E-Graphenes are few-layer, large flake graphene materials that are functionalized and formulated to meet your processing requirements and tailored for perfect interaction with your desired matrix system.

Graphene is a promising material for different applications, particularly as an additive in polymers or ink formulations. Choosing the right type of graphene for each application is crucial to unleash its potential. At Sixonia Tech, we will identify the most suitable E-Graphene for your specific application and also develop the right material form and properties for perfect integration into your process and application.

No matter whether you are looking for a simple dispersion without surfactants, a formulated ink, a paste, a film, a polymer composite or something completely different, we are confident that we can develop the right material to meet your expectations.


We’re are out and about in the world of graphene research and love exchanging ideas and solutions with other members of this exciting field of science

Electrochemical exfoliation

innovative and efficient delamination of graphitic raw materials with the possibility for in-situ functionalization

Proprietary technology

based on research at the Max-Planck-Institute of Polymer Research Mainz and Dresden University of Technology

Customized solutions

tailorable for your needs via integration of functional groups and/or varying degrees of oxidation

Range of materials

various formulations such as aqueous and solvent-based dispersions and inks, as well as more viscous systems

Our Technology

Sixonia Tech’s core technology is based on the electrochemical exfoliation of graphite into micron-sized, few-layer graphenes.

The basic principle of electrochemical exfoliation is to introduce a slight electro-oxidation at the graphitic edges and subsequent delamination of graphitic raw materials in a suitable electrolyte. By varying the electrolyte composition and other process parameters, the degree of oxidation and the presence of different functional groups can be selectively controlled and the material can thus be tailored for different applications.

Our proprietary technology, originating in the works in the groups of Prof. Klaus Müllen and Prof. Xinliang Feng at the Max-Planck-Institute of Polymer Research Mainz and at Dresden University of Technology, allows us to produce graphene materials with unprecedented properties.

If you are looking for a graphene that can make a difference, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about your requirements and wishes.

Management and Board

Professionals in research and industry funded by the most prestigious institutions in Europe and the world.

Rüdiger Henke


Dr. Martin Lohe


Peter Ebert

CRO | Board member

Dr. Kangkai Ma

Director Business Development

Dr. Ronny Timmreck

Chairman of the board

Prof. Dr. Klaus Müllen

Board member

Cornelia Jahnel

Board member

Sixonia Tech is a technology-driven startup company based in Germany, spun-out of the Chair for Molecular Functional Materials at Technical University of Dresden in 2017. Our core technology is the electrochemical production and functionalization of large-flake, few-layer graphene and its processing into various formulations. The underlying IP, developed at TU Dresden, is 100% owned by Sixonia Tech GmbH.

By providing good scalability and yield, low production costs and a good processability, our mission is to unleash the currently limited potential of graphene in various fields. We focus on the production and processing of electrochemically exfoliated graphene for different applications, in particular conductive inks and formulations, functional coatings and polymer composite materials. Our E-Graphene can be functionalized to meet your processing requirements and thus be tailored for perfect interaction with your desired matrix system. Compared to other “graphene” products, E-Graphenes show a superior combination of tailorable properties within a single material, such as large flake-size in the µm-range, low thickness in the range of 1-10 layers and good processability. For example, E-Graphenes can be functionalized to be dispersible in water without the need for surfactants, while still maintaining an intrinsic conductivity that is significantly higher than that of commonly used reduced graphene oxide (rGO) materials.


We’re always looking for curious and skilled people who believe that we can accomplish so much more together than apart.

Our Projects

At Sixonia Tech we are continuously striving to improve our processes and integrate our products in new fields of application. This would not be possible without the cooperation with partners from different industries in the framework of joint public funded projects.

EU FET Graphene Flagship

Within the prestigious EU Graphene Flagship project we are working on the use of our E-Graphenes in anti-corrosion coatings as well as a new generation of smart air-filters for the aerospace industry.

SAB-Project "GraphHeat"

GraphHeat is an ambitious project targeting the use of Graphene as a replacement for rare and expensive noble metals in ceramic heating elements that are used in the packaging industry.

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